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Andrew Wilson, LMBT
NC# 14442

Awaken the Body, Clear the Mind, Release the Soul

Ground & Center | Massage & Bodywork

Therapeutic massage in Pittsboro, NC

Conveniently located between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill.

Penrose Tiling - Interconnected Buddha Do not fight with your body. 
It is not your foe, it is your friend. 
It is nature’s gift to you. 
It is part of nature. 
It is joined with nature in every possible way. 
You are connected to breathing;
You are connected to the sunrays,
     to the fragrance of flowers,
     to the moonlight. 

You are connected to all…

This is what I call a miracle.  

All experience, and all expression, happens through the body.  It is the only medium in which we are able connect with this world. Even our mind is just a powerful tool at the disposal of our magnificent bodies.  Is there any design in nature as intriguing or complex as the human body? 

Allow yourself to accept your body.  

Recognize your innate ability to heal yourself.

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